This Is the Story of How Our Town Came To Be

Ringling, Oklahoma was founded in 1914 and was originally an oil town. Named for John Ringling, of Ringling Bros. Circus fame, the town was connected to Ardmore by a railroad spur that John Ringling had built. The plan was to winter the animals in Ringling during the circus off-season, but the climate was not conducive, so no circus animals were ever brought to the town.

Ringling is located on the east side of Jefferson County at the intersection of U.S. Highway 70 and State Highway 89. Businesses are located in two main districts: one on US Highway 70 and the other on Main Street. With a charming western atmosphere, the town has been in existence for 96 years. Built in 1915, the water tower has become a landmark.

Ringling’s largest employer is the Ringling Public School district. The school system offers a well-rounded education for pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. The district covers a geographical area of over 250 square miles.

Currently, Ringling’s main industry is cattle ranching, with an increase in oil and gas as a secondary industry.